Becky and her five month old Wirehaired Dachshund, Margo, won a competition I ran at one of only a couple of shows I do every year.

Time constraints meant we only had an hour to get the pictures we wanted. So armed with a bag of cooked chicken and a squeaky ball, I met them at a nearby location that had a variety of backdrops in a small area. Margo's training was in it's early stages yet she performed like a star for some of her shots and we kept her lead on for other set ups, just to make life easier for everyone.

At the end of the hour Margo's owner was gutted to have to leave as she was thoroughly enjoying herself crawling around amongst the bushes helping to entice Margo into position. To add to our laughter, a couple of passing dogs treated themselves to the last of the chicken out of my bag while our backs were turned.

Becky decided to upgrade from her print collection that was part of the prize to a very smart, bespoke framed trio of images that matched her brand new kitchen.

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CHESHIRE PET PHOTOGRAPHY | Poynton, Stockport, Cheshire