"It's not about how much you do,

but how much love you put into what you do that counts."

Mother Teresa

This is me on a photography session with Marnie, a gorgeous Whippet with amazing eyes and expressive ears! She was my competition winner from the 2017 Poynton Show. She may have been a very well behaved lady and posed beautifully but this is not the norm.

French Bulldog Ringo was a real character who ran around non-stop (due to the drugs he had to be on). It meant he was very tricky to photograph and though he made us all work hard it also meant he had personality oozing from all of his images! I loved the results and so did his owner.

Meet a photobomber extraordinaire! Dodger was not meant to be part of the photoshoot but came with his humans while I photographed their Mum's dogs. Despite the mayhem the results were just lovely.

Using only natural light, this is a simple set up in someone's home and shows how I can achieve images like this one of Smokey. I used a piece of black fabric and enticed Smokey to come and sit in the right spot, facing the window.

Many of the dogs I photograph are not great off lead. This is fine for me, it means I can have more control over where I want the dog and also means they are safe at all times.

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CHESHIRE PET PHOTOGRAPHY | Poynton, Stockport, Cheshire