"Dogs have owners, cats have staff."



This is a lovely article about me and my photographic journey (if you click on the image it takes you to their site where, after scrolling down and downloading the PDF, you will find my story on page 39.)

A brief bit about myself:


The most important thing I think is the reason why I am a pet photographer. I never thought to capture my own gorgeous girl while I had the chance and now have very few decent pictures of her. It is something I will always regret and proved to be the catalyst into the profession. For me it is a privilege to be able to photograph all your amazing, four-legged companions (plus I just love being around animals!).


Animal lover - known as the zookeeper when I was a child because of all my pets.


Chocoholic - bigtime! 

 Experienced - I have spent over a decade immersed in the world of photography, composition, lighting and editing and I have honed the skills required to create those top quality images that you will have on your walls.


Dedicated - I am often out with my camera exploring new locations or on a course to learn something new and exciting. Otherwise I can be found at my computer listening to some upbeat music while selecting the best images from the latest pet photography session, with a cup of tea and something very chocolatey to eat beside me!

"...The resulting picture is amazing and my husband said it was the best present I'd ever given him..."  Penny

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